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Aggressive Drivers Pose Threat To Safety

You are driving down the road, going the posted speed, when you see through the rear view mirror another driver approaching fast. Riding right up behind you, the driver of the other vehicle follows you closely, tailgating for several miles before swerving into the other lane, blaring the horn as they pass. Most of us have been there some point, either as the driver being followed or the one impatient to pass. Speeding and tailgating are common forms of aggressive driving, and this type of reckless conduct is increasingly cited as a contributing factor in a number of automobile accidents. While car accidents due to aggressive driving have become common, law enforcement has stepped up efforts both to prevent and to punish aggressive and dangerous driving behavior.

What is Aggressive Driving?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, aggressive driving is a major contributing factor in over 50 percent of car accidents and collisions that occur on U.S. roads and highways each year. Aggressive driving is defined as driving in a way that threatens and intimidates other drivers on the road. While incidents of road rage are well publicized, many drivers engage in a variety of different types of aggressive driving behaviors that endanger themselves, their passengers and other drivers each day. These include:

  • Tailgating, and following other drivers too closely;
  • Improper and erratic lane changes;
  • Passing in no pass zones;
  • Failing to yield the right of way;
  • Driving on the road shoulder and in medians;
  • Failing to signal before making turns; and
  • Speeding and driving too fast for conditions.

Speeding is the number one factor involved in the majority of serious and potentially fatal car accidents. According to a survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA), half of all drivers do not see the harm in going as many as 10 miles over the posted speed limit. While we all may be in a hurry to get where we need to go, it is important to recognize if your driving is a danger to yourself or others. The AAA suggests taking their aggressive driving quiz to rate your own driving safety skills.

Efforts to Prevent Aggressive Driving

The Florida Highway Patrol has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of aggressive driving, while increasing their efforts at ticketing drivers engaging in aggressive driving behavior. The Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) campaign aims to reduce injuries and fatalities through billboard, advertising, and educational events at schools and community functions. Under Section 316.1923 of the Florida State Statutes, drivers can face criminal charges for aggressive driving for committing two or more of the following motor vehicle violations:

  • Speeding;
  • Improper lane change;
  • Following too closely;
  • Failing to yield;
  • Improper passing and
  • Violating traffic signals.

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