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Author Archives: William E. Raikes III


Shelter Reviews Safety Plans in Aftermath of Fatal Dog Bite Attack

By William E. Raikes III |

Dogs have a well earned reputation for being loyal, loving, and protective companions. Rather than simply considering them a pet, many dog owners feel their ‘fur babies’ are more like family members. Unfortunately, this can blind them and others to the fact that dogs can strike out if they are hungry, hurt, or feeling… Read More »


Tire Trouble Can Prove Deadly on the Road

By William E. Raikes III |

Proper vehicle maintenance and quality parts play a major role in making sure your car runs smoothly. It also is an important part of reducing your risk for car accidents and injuries. Automobile or part defects create dangerous situations on the road, making it more likely to lose control of your vehicle. A recent… Read More »


Nine Tips for Protecting Yourself on Vacation

By William E. Raikes III |

With the summer months ahead and children out of school, many people will be busy planning for family vacations. While you may have spent all year anticipating this trip, there are some last minute details you need to attend to. This includes taking the time to brush up on some simple safety tips to… Read More »


Fort Pierce Girl’s Death Calls Attention to Fire Dangers

By William E. Raikes III |

Bonfires and cookouts are a favorite part of summer for many people, as are fireworks displays, sparklers, firecrackers, and other types of devices. However, all of these things can result in serious and potentially life threatening personal injuries if the proper precautions are not followed. The recent death of a Fort Pierce girl who… Read More »


Spring Break Crowds Increase Motor Vehicle Accident Risks

By William E. Raikes III |

While the rest of the country is excited to see the end of winter and an increase in spring weather, South Florida enjoys warm temperatures and sunny days throughout the majority of the year. Spring Break ends up being one of the busiest times of the year here, with huge numbers of college students… Read More »


Reduce Your Risk of Injuries When Car Accidents Occur

By William E. Raikes III |

Despite how safe or experienced a driver you are, car accidents and injuries can still occur and the reckless driving behaviors of others are often to blame. While you cannot control the actions of other motorists on the road, there are some simple steps you can take in the event a crash does happen… Read More »


FDA Issues a Ban on Pelvic Mesh

By William E. Raikes III |

There has been increasing concern over the use of surgical mesh in treating conditions such as hernias and other abdominal or pelvic issues. Numerous patients have reported adverse reactions, leading government officials to issue warnings concerning the safety of these products. Adverse effects can have lingering health impacts on patients and in some cases,… Read More »


Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

By William E. Raikes III |

For motorcycle enthusiasts, May is the perfect time to hit the open road. It is right before the summer temperatures soar and prior to when many of the seasonal tourists pour in. There are plenty of events and activities to attend throughout the month and on into the rest of the year. In honor… Read More »


Traumatic Brain Injuries Impact More Than 20,000 Florida Residents Each Year

By William E. Raikes III |

Head injuries can result from a variety of different types of accidents. In Florida, they are one of the most common and potentially serious types of personal injury. Even a relatively minor bump or blow to the head can leave you suffering lingering disabilities, with the need for ongoing medical care. When these types… Read More »


Can Daylight Savings Time Increase Your Car Accident Risks?

By William E. Raikes III |

Spring is the time of year when we ‘spring ahead’, moving our clocks forward one hour to take advantage of increased daylight hours. While this means it will stay light out for a longer period of time, it also means that it will likely be still dark when you are headed off to work… Read More »

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