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Author Archives: William E. Raikes III

Semi-truck and driver found after deadly hit-and-run accident

By William E. Raikes III |

When people think of vehicles fleeing the scene of an accident, they often think of a sleek sports car, or a motorcycle that can reach high speeds. While these vehicles can flee the scene of an accident, they aren’t the only type of vehicles that can. A man was recently killed when in a… Read More »

8 common causes of car crashes

By William E. Raikes III |

Car crashes devastate the victims who were just going about handling their normal activities. People who are struck while they are in a vehicle often face significant injuries. These victims might opt to seek compensation for their injuries. The cause of the crash is likely going to come up in the case. Here are… Read More »

We help injured FL motorcyclists answer the tough questions

By William E. Raikes III |

Motorcyclists are often judged differently than drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a stigma that motorcyclists are more responsible for their injuries than are motor vehicle drivers. However, this is not true or fair. Motorcyclists have every right to safety on Fort Pierce roads as anyone. After suffering injury in… Read More »

Can logo liability affect compensation for truck accident injury?

By William E. Raikes III |

The majority of employees today are just that, employees, which assumes that their employer has some sort of responsibility, or liability for their actions. However, some employees, are not traditional employees – they are what are known as independent contractors. Independent contractors are not traditionally help to the same standards as regular employees. This… Read More »

Dangerous premises and the threat of personal injuries

By William E. Raikes III |

Florida homes and business buildings are built to meet certain codes that protect the safety of those people who live and work within them. However, time, neglect, and the elements can wear down once-safe edifices and present unexpected dangers to those who enter them. When a person is hurt by a building or a… Read More »

One fatality, multiple injuries in I-95 car accident

By William E. Raikes III |

A fatal crash recently occurred on Interstate 95 just south of Fort Pierce. At just after half past six in the evening, a pick-up truck traveling north on I-95 in the area of Palm Beach Gardens collided with a sedan that had come to a stop on the side of the throughway. The driver… Read More »

Automobile accidents may provide bases for legal claims

By William E. Raikes III |

You have been in an automobile accident – what do you do? It is always important for the victim of a vehicle crash or collision to take care of any injuries or other accident-related health concerns they may have in the wake of their incident. After they have addressed their health needs, a Florida… Read More »

What types of injuries result from motorcycle accidents?

By William E. Raikes III |

Motorcyclists often enjoy the freedom of riding the roads on their compact but powerful machines. It can feel more liberating to traverse Florida’s many highways and roads on a two-wheeler as opposed to standard vehicles, but the same properties that make motorcycles appealing can also make them dangerous. This post will discuss some of… Read More »

Steps to take after a car accident

By William E. Raikes III |

As a relatively new driver, the risks of being involved in a car accident are very high. This isn’t because you are a bad driver. It is simply due to a lack of experience. It takes years of driving to become truly comfortable behind the wheel. From bad weather to drunk drivers, there are… Read More »

Dog bites can cause serious injuries to Florida residents

By William E. Raikes III |

Many individuals will live their entire lives without ever suffering dog bites. Generally, domestic animal owners in Florida do a good job of training and restraining their pets to prevent dangerous and sometimes damaging interactions between the canines and others. Unfortunately, however, instances do arise where humans and dogs make contact in ways that… Read More »

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