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The Four Most Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

By William E. Raikes III |

Taking care of yourself, leading a healthy lifestyle, and alerting your doctor to any health problems or symptoms you may be experiencing can all help to prevent potentially serious medical issues. Unfortunately, even when you do follow these steps, medical errors and misdiagnosis can occur. To be sure, a delayed or missed diagnosis leaves… Read More »


Preventing Car Accidents Through Work Zone Safety Awareness Week

By William E. Raikes III |

Now that spring is officially here, that means you can expect to see an increase in the amount of highway construction going on throughout the Fort Pierce area. While encountering work zones can be frustrating for drivers, the fact is they require your full attention. Anytime there is even minor road work going on,… Read More »


Florida Bicycle Accidents Continue to Be a Cause for Concern

By William E. Raikes III |

Over the past decade, Florida has consistently ranked at the top of nationwide lists for the number of bicycle accidents that occur within the state. With little to protect them in collisions with motor vehicles, bicyclists are at risk for serious personal injuries, which all too often end up proving fatal. As the latest… Read More »


What You Need to Do in the Event of Accidental Injuries

By William E. Raikes III |

Accidents can happen in a variety of situations and what first appears to be a relatively minor incident can leave you suffering serious personal injuries. In addition to the medical costs you incur, you could be left with permanent disabilities that require ongoing care while preventing you from working or engaging in other activities…. Read More »


Disabled Vehicle Accident Claims Life of Fort Pierce Man

By William E. Raikes III |

Every driver dreads that moment when mechanical defects or unexpected events such as a flat tire cause your vehicle to falter and break down on the side of the road. Unfortunately, in addition to the financial costs and inconvenience associated with these incidents, they can also put you at risk for accidents resulting in… Read More »


Rollover Accident Leaves Two Injured in Fort Pierce

By William E. Raikes III |

Rollover crashes are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents, with the potential to leave drivers of the vehicle, the passengers in it, and other motorists involved with serious and potentially life threatening personal injuries. While often associated with tall trucks and overweight vehicles, the fact is these types of crashes can… Read More »


Florida Bill Aims at Reducing Dangerous Plastic Surgery Errors

By William E. Raikes III |

Plastic surgery has become commonplace, with large numbers of both women and men throughout Florida either seeking to erase the signs of aging or to improve on the hand nature dealt them with. As a result, doctors are rushing to provide both invasive and non-invasive procedures in their offices and at prices designed to… Read More »


Women at Greater Risk for Medical Malpractice Due to Misdiagnosis

By William E. Raikes III |

Early detection is key to treating any number of serious chronic health issues and medical conditions. Unfortunately, cases involving medical misdiagnosis are common and a leading factor in medical malpractice claims. Women in general are more at risk of having their symptoms dismissed or attributed to other factors. The following highlights the potential dangers… Read More »


Five Resolutions to Prevent Car Accidents and Injuries

By William E. Raikes III |

Car accidents In Fort Pierce are often the result of the reckless and negligent actions of others on the road. In these situations, our Fort Pierce car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you need to recover. However, there are ways you can protect yourself. In the New Year, make a resolution… Read More »


Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Settling on an Insurance Claim

By William E. Raikes III |

When you are the victim of a car accident in Fort Pierce, you may be entitled to compensation through an automobile insurance claim. While this can help offset some of the medical costs and other expenses you incur, it is important to use caution before accepting a claim settlement. Injuries you suffer can have… Read More »

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