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Dangerous premises and the threat of personal injuries

Florida homes and business buildings are built to meet certain codes that protect the safety of those people who live and work within them. However, time, neglect, and the elements can wear down once-safe edifices and present unexpected dangers to those who enter them. When a person is hurt by a building or a parcel of property, that victim may have a claim for premises liability.

When considering whether to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of a dangerous structure or tract of land, a victim may undergo the following considerations. They may first assess why they went to the property in the first place and whether they were expected by the property’s owner. Whether the injured visitor is considered an invitee, licensee, or trespasser can modify their options for pursuing premises liability claims.

Additionally, a victim may consider the purpose of their venture to the dangerous premises. If a victim’s injuries could have been anticipated given the purpose of the victim’s visit to the property, then the premises liability claim may not be successful.

Finally, a victim may consider whether the owner of the property should have known of the dangers present in the parcel or building. If the dangers were knowable and the owner of the property chose not to fix them despite having visitors come to the dangerous premises, then that owner may be liable for injuries sustained by the victim.

Victims of premises liability accidents do not have to undertake these considerations on their own. Personal injury lawyers can work with their clients to determine whether their cases may support legal claims. When they do, victims who have suffered personal injuries are often entitled to compensation from the parties who were responsible for causing their harm.

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