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Dog bites can cause serious injuries to Florida residents

Many individuals will live their entire lives without ever suffering dog bites. Generally, domestic animal owners in Florida do a good job of training and restraining their pets to prevent dangerous and sometimes damaging interactions between the canines and others. Unfortunately, however, instances do arise where humans and dogs make contact in ways that lead to serious injuries and even death.

The state of Florida has provided a specific statute that addresses how liability is assigned in a dog bite case. According to the law, when a dog bite victim is either on public land or is permissibly on the private land of another person and is bitten by a canine, then the animal’s owner will be liable for the victim’s damages. It generally does not matter if the owner knew about the dog’s propensity to bite as any attack will be seen as the responsibility of the dog owner.

If, however, a dog bite victim provoked or in any way incited the dog to attack, then the victim may see the recovery of their damages reduced. When a victim’s actions are a proximate cause of their injuries, then they generally may not receive compensation for damages that were of their own doing.

Dog bite cases can be challenging to prove and are often heavily driven by the facts of the incidents. Those who have suffered serious injuries as a result of vicious dog bites and animal attacks are encouraged to speak with personal injury lawyers about their possible rights. Readers of this post are invited to further explore this area of the law with their individual lawyers as this post should not be interpreted as any form of legal advice.

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