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Have You Been Injured at a Friend or Neighbor’s Home?


For many of us, certain nights of the week and various special occasions are spent visiting  friends, family, or neighbors at their homes. Whether over dinner parties or for movie nights and holiday celebrations, these events offer a fun way to get together, without spending a large chunk of change at a restaurant or other public place. Unfortunately, accidents and personal injuries can still occur in these settings, and your friendship and the informal nature of these visits can leave you wondering how to handle the situation. The following offers tips that allow you to preserve the relationship, without putting your future health or wellbeing in jeopardy. 

Personal Injuries that Occur at Another’s Home

For many of us, at home is where we feel most comfortable and secure, whether in our houses or at a friend’s or family member’s home. However, the fact is that home related accidents are one of the leading causes of potentially serious personal injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are numerous hazards that are present in residential settings. Common causes of home-related injuries include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls;
  • Getting struck by or against objects;
  • Accidental poisonings;
  • Severe cuts and burns;
  • Suffocations and near fatal drownings;
  • Animal bites and attacks.

These incidents generally involve oversights on the part of the homeowner. Loose carpeting, improperly secured shelving and lighting fixtures, food left out too long, and a lack of fencing or lighting on sidewalks can all leave you and other family members vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

What to Do When Injured at a Friend or Family Member’s Home

The most important thing you can do when an accident occurs at a friend’s, neighbor’s, or family member’s home is to not downplay the extent of your injuries. Even a minor slip and fall, a dog bite, or a case of food poisoning can end up costing you significant amounts of money, while having a lasting impact on your overall health. Get medical attention immediately.

If the person is a homeowner, they should have insurance in place to cover any injuries that occur on their property. Allstate advises that most policies include personal injury coverage, along with liability insurance in the event of legal claims. Rather than getting into personal arguments about how or why the accident happened, simply ask for the name of the insurance company and submit a claim. In the event your injuries occurred on rented property, the landlord or property owner may be held accountable.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

Of course, any time a claim is submitted, it has the potential to create an uncomfortable situation, and will likely cause the property owners insurance policy premium to increase. It is important for you to remember during this process that not filing a claim could cause you significant harm, while also causing you to incur significant out of pocket expenses. To discuss your situation in detail with our Fort Pierce personal injury attorney, call or contact the Law Firm of William E. Raikes, III and request a confidential consultation today.


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