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How can medical negligence cause a personal injury?

Each day doctors across Florida provide their patients with superlative medical care. They save lives, treat illnesses, fix broken bones, and diagnose conditions that afflict others. Through their training and experience, they offer the hurting and sick opportunities to improve their physical conditions.

Many of the experiences that individuals have with doctors are positive. While a patient and doctor may not form a lasting personal relationship, they are usually able to work together to achieve the goal of keeping the patient healthy. However, some medical experiences are not only unpleasant for patients but actually dangerous. When doctors fail to use care in their treatment of others, they can cause their patients’ injury and harm.

A doctor or other medical professional can be sued for malpractice if certain elements of a negligence-based lawsuit are present. Such a lawsuit may include the doctor’s failure to abide by customary standards of care for their profession that result in the patient suffering harm. Harm from inadequate medical care can lead to a serious personal injury, illness or even death.

General negligence cases include the duty of a party to owe another care, the failure of that individual to meet that standard of care, and harm suffered by the victim. The doctor-patient relationship creates a duty between the doctor as caregiver and patient as recipient of the duty; the breakdown of that relationship can result in negligence and claims of malpractice.

The victim of medical malpractice generally has the right to sue the responsible party for their losses. Compensation for these negligence-based cases can help the victim cover the expenses they incur from suffering harm. To learn more about medical malpractice, negligence and personal injuries, readers may wish to contact personal injury lawyers in their communities.

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