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Make Safety a Priority When Shopping for Holiday Toys


Each holiday season, parents spend hours searching online or waiting in stores for just the right toys and gifts. While our personal injury lawyer knows you want your children to have fun, we also know you want them to stay safe. Dangerous and defective children’s toys are an unfortunately common problem. The following offers safety tips to help guide you when making purchases this year.

Dangerous and Defective Toys

It is hard to protect children from all of the potential dangers that lurk outside their front door, Unfortunately, items you buy for them and bring into your home are often the most likely culprit for causing serious accidents and injuries. According to, as many as 180,000 children require care in hospital emergency rooms each year as the result of injuries sustained due to defective or dangerous toys. This averages to more than 500 children per day, and a third of these are children under the age of five.

Choking hazards are significant risks for little ones, as well as for older children. Good Housekeeping advises that there have been numerous reports concerning fidget spinners, a popular toy kids clamored for during the summer of 2017. Held between the forefinger and thumb, fidget spinners have three shiny metal parts that detach from the product. Children as old as 10 have choked by putting the quarter sized objects into their mouths, causing the device to be placed on consumer ‘most dangerous toys’ lists.

In addition to those considered dangerous, some toys are outright defective and end up on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) recall list. Recently recalled children’s toys  include the following:

  • Hallmark Plus Stacking Toys, due to choking hazards;
  • Plan Toys Baby Gyms, due to strangulation risks;
  • TOMY Chipmunk Toys, due to sharp edges;
  • Dynacraft Ride On Toys, due to crash hazards.

Safety Tips when Shopping for Children

Stronger regulations regarding children’s toys have help to improve safety over the past 20 years, but as the above statistics show, injuries continue to be a common occurrence. To make sure the toys you buy over the holidays are safe for the children in your life, follow these tips from the CPSC:

  • Read product labels to ensure the toy is age appropriate.
  • If you buy sports related gifts, such as bikes or skateboards, make sure to include helmets, knee pads, and other safety gear.
  • Watch for toys that have small pieces, particularly if the child is young or has little brothers and sisters.
  • Avoid toys at discount stores, which may have been produced under less stringent guidelines.

Let Us Help You Today

In the event a dangerous or defective product causes harm to you or your child, you may be able to hold the seller and the product manufacturer accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.  Call or contact the Law Firm of William E. Raikes III online today, and request a consultation to see how our Fort Pierce product liability attorney can help you.


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