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Many unique hazards exist for motorcyclists on the road

For most of the year, Florida weather allows motorcyclists to hit the road on their bikes. Whether you ride a motorcycle or stick to cars for your transportation, it is important to recognize the many hazards that motorcyclists experience on the road, and to take precautionary measures to minimize the likelihood of a motorcycle crash.

When you are in a car, you have extra security and safety features that you may take for granted or overlook. Not only do you have seatbelts to keep you secure in the event of an accident, most cars have airbags to protect you from impacting the interior of the car. Even the car itself acts as a shell in protecting you from impacting other objects on and off the road in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle riders, on the other hand, do not have such default security features. Even small hazards such as gravel on the road or a pothole may not pose much of a safety threat to a car driver, but could easily cause an accident for a two-wheeled motorcycle. Crosswinds and other hazardous weather conditions also pose significant threats to motorcyclists on the road. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles are inherently more difficult to see on the roads, which could leave motorcyclists more vulnerable on the road.

When an accident does occur involving a motorcycle, it is far more likely that the injuries are catastrophic or even fatal to the rider. It is the responsibility of everyone on the road to make every effort to drive safely. Negligent and distracted driving is not uncommon, and if such are determined to be the cause of a motorcycle accident, the driver may be liable for damages and injuries to the victims.

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