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Online Tools Help Hospital Patients Avoid Medical Malpractice Complications


Healthcare associated infections are a common problem in hospitals throughout Florida and across the United States. As one of the leading types of medical malpractice, these infections occur due to negligence on the part of doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. Failing to provide the proper level of care and failing to maintain sanitary surfaces and instruments can cause complications that are severe and potentially life threatening for patients. Fortunately, these are several online tools that allow patients to view their local hospital’s safety rating, before being admitted for care.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) 

Medical errors and mistakes on the part of healthcare providers result in increasing numbers of medical malpractice claims each year, and continue to be one of the leading causes of injury and death nationwide. Among the most common types of errors is negligence in providing proper patient care in treatment settings, as well as failure to adhere to standard sanitation practices that prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

According to the U.S. Office of Disease and Health Promotion, Healthcare associated infections (HAI) can occur when receiving care or treatments in hospitals, clinics, dialysis facilities, and ambulatory surgical centers. Impacting roughly one out of every 25 patients, HAIs can result in serious complications that can be disabling and, in some cases, fatal. HAIs are generally caused by a lack of proper patient care and lack of sterile conditions, and common types include:

  • Catheter associated urinary tract infections, due to contaminated catheters and those that are left in too long;
  • Surgical site infections, caused by improper wound care and non sterile instruments or environments;
  • Bloodstream infections, that result from IVs being improperly cleaned or left in too long;
  • Pneumonia, due to conditions that allow the spread of germs in facilities;
  • Gastrointestinal illnesses, caused by contaminated surfaces and water supplies.

Protecting Yourself Against Slips and Falls 

To protect yourself in an emergency or in the event you require hospital care, you can check the ratings for hospitals in your area. There are a variety of online tools that can tell you which hospitals and facilities maintain strong patient care and safety practices, as well as which ones to avoid. These include:

  • Hospital Compare: A service of Medicare, this tool provides rankings in different categories of care and offers patient reviews. You can type in your city or state, and see how area hospitals compare.
  • Best Hospitals: Using state and local data collected by US News and World Reports, this tool lets you see how local hospitals rate in providing certain types of care.
  • Hospital Ratings: Consumer Reports provides this tool which rates hospitals on their ability to avoid HAIs and to minimize the need for invasive procedures.

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