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Trucking Accidents Injuries and Prevention

The trucking industry is booming, both here in Florida and throughout the United States. Estimated to be part of one of the top ten growth industries in the country, commercial trucks and carriers provide a boost to the Florida economy, while providing us with goods and services we rely upon each day. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of commercial trucks on roadways has translated into an increase in commercial trucking accidents, and easy access to Interstate 95 makes our area particularly vulnerable. Trucking accidents often involve multiple motorists, and the results can be deadly. Here’s what you need to know about sharing the road with commercial trucks, and how you can prevent yourself or your loved ones from serious injuries due to trucking accidents.

Trucking Accidents on the Rise

With the increase in commercial truck traffic through Florida, the incidence of accidents involving trucks is on the rise. Trucking accidents have made headlines throughout Florida every month this year. A recent commercial truck accident involved a driver who had been cited in Florida for sideswiping a car before going on to being involved in a crash that killed 6 people. In June 2015, a tractor trailer hauling two sand sharks caused an accident outside Orlando. Closer to home, a March 2015 Fort Pierce trucking accident injured 5 people when a truck slammed into the side of a Sunoco gas station.

As the rate of trucking accidents increases, so have efforts by the Florida Highway Patrol to monitor truck drivers and prevent accidents. Commercial vehicle enforcement agents routinely perform safety evaluations on commercial trucks, and have increased their efforts to monitor and issue tickets for violations between truckers and motorists.

Preventing Trucking Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that over 95,000 people were injured due to trucking accidents in 2013. The majority of these injuries weren’t sustained by truck operators, but by other motor vehicles involved in the accident. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Association, there are several precautions motorists can take to prevent accidents with commercial trucks. These include:

  • Use care to maintain visibility and avoid being in a commercial truck’s blind spot;
  • When following a truck, allow extra space both in front of and in back of the truck;
  • Give truckers plenty of room in which to navigate turns; and
  • Remember that truck operators can’t control their vehicles as easily as automobile drivers can. Avoid turning abruptly in front of a truck, as well as weaving or switching lanes in front of a truck in high-traffic conditions.

Truck operators can do their part by avoiding speeding or driving too fast for conditions, not tailgating other truck or automobile drivers, and avoiding operating their trucks when overly fatigued.

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